Winter and women are unpredictable

Winter and women are unpredictable


We are closing in on another winter being behind us, and never have we seen one with such a roller coaster variety of weather and temperatures.

Come see us, folks.

Yes, we are that east coast state that offers the chance of experiencing all four seasons within a few days of each other.

Be sure to bring your insulated boots, long johns, flannel shirt and toboggan, and another dressing up of flip flops, shorts and T-shirts.

Sometimes we sleep with the heat on and sometimes with the AC running. Bring the night clothes that float your boat.

Just remember, down South ain’t nothing routine and we don’t do much of anything in moderation.

We get into it from the git-go and with both feet running when we hit the ground. 

You reckon that is why we Southerners shoulder the reputation of being as crazy as a bedbug or as wild as a jack rabbit?

If you think the men in the South are a little touched, check out our women.

They hit on all cylinders all of the time.

Our girls can really catch a catfish, drink corn likker and play pool.

They can also melt a man’s heart at the flip of a hat and have him running like a young’un for the Sunday noon time meal sitdown.

If one of the gals in the South calls you “shug” (pronounced shuhg), she is not flirting. The girls here in the South call everyone “shug.” Don’t feel like you are special. It is actually a local term for sugar.

The gals in Dixie can cuddle like a bear or at a moment’s notice fight with the fury of an angry mama bear.

Now, this piece has gone from winter to women. They are both unpredictable and certainly comparable.

All of the seasons are gifts for us to enjoy and each has its special reason, and it is up to us to look at and understand the reasons for the seasons. 

Still, the changes in the seasons are easier to understand than the changes in women.

 We learn to live with whatever the seasons bring, and it is always in our best interest to learn to live with the sometimes abrupt changes in our women.

Live and deal with whatever it is the girls come up with. 

The ladies of the South are lovely creatures, and they send out all of the signals of the seasons.

Live with that in mind and you will always hear the soft whispers of the season winds.

If your sweetie says she is cold, put another log on the fire, and sit by her feet and tell her she is sweet.


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