There’s a new way for people to buy and sell used furniture in Toronto

There's a new way for people to buy and sell used furniture in Toronto


Used furniture is highly sought after in Toronto. After all, living in Toronto is expensive. In fact, it’s well documented that it’s one of the most expensive places on the planet anyone could possibly live.

As a result, saving money is always top of mind, and so there’s now a website called Garage Online Sale to help people buy and sell used furniture.

While nearly everyone has a horror story about someone they know who carried home a curbside couch that was invested with bedbugs, this new startup is looking to make owning used furniture as safe and exciting as buying new.

The company was created as a means of encouraging Canadians to reuse and resell their furniture locally, making more sustainable choices when furnishing their home.

The Toronto-based, female-owned business first launched in 2021 and is trying to establish itself as a go-to spot for buying furniture.

To do that, it needs more inventory. Currently, there’s only 22 items for sale on the site and they’re a mixed bunch. There’s a Peloton bike package for $1,200, a white desk for $150 and a set of dining chairs for $600.

None of the items scream “deal” and both the prices and selection are somewhat underwhelming when compared to local options like Guff, or Habitat ReStores.

Nevertheless, The Garage Online Sale team has been trying their best. They offer helpful tips for furnishing homes and plan to expand their list of services.

“This summer, we’re launching location-based shopping — where users can browse by location and find furniture sales in their neighbourhood,” founder Aleksandra Phelan told blogTO.


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