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Why do some people think cilantro tastes like soap?

Toddler with sprig of cilantro in her mouth.

[ad_1] Cilantro is one divisive herb: People either love it or hate it. Julia Child disavowed the stuff, claiming it had a soapy taste in 1955 — and the comparison stuck. Between 3% and 21% of people, depending on their location in the world, dislike cilantro for its soapiness. But how can people have such vastly different sensations from the same herb? Genetics plays a major role, it turns out. It’s no surprise that people have different reactions to the same food, but usually, they’re responding to […]

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The Philippine Crocodile is Afraid of People


[ad_1] ENDANGERED SPECIES ESSAY We must safeguard the web of life and care about the other living species that we share this planet with. Pygmy tarsiers eat and host bugs that we’ve seen at home — insects, spiders, lizards, bedbugs, lice, fleas, roundworms, and tapeworms. The vaquitas are preyed upon by large sharks and killer whales, keeping them away from us. But only 10 vaquitas are left and in their absence, the diet of sharks and whales may change. A tiger in the wild indicates that the […]

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There’s a new way for people to buy and sell used furniture in Toronto

There's a new way for people to buy and sell used furniture in Toronto

[ad_1] Used furniture is highly sought after in Toronto. After all, living in Toronto is expensive. In fact, it’s well documented that it’s one of the most expensive places on the planet anyone could possibly live. As a result, saving money is always top of mind, and so there’s now a website called Garage Online Sale to help people buy and sell used furniture. While nearly everyone has a horror story about someone they know who carried home a curbside couch that was invested with bedbugs, this new startup is […]

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