Roamin’ for Romans is new example of thrift

Chris Schillig

Chris Schillig

Talk about a head-scratcher. 

A woman in Texas was shopping at Goodwill in 2018 when she bought a Roman bust. Not a “bust” bust, like some dirty minds are imagining, but a head. Think Nero or Caligula or one of those other noble Romans. 

Turns out the bust wasn’t some replica that had gone rogue from the local Olive Garden. No, it was legit – an authentic sculpture dating back 2,000 years. So about 10 years younger than my mother-in-law. 

According to published reports, the shopper paid $34.99 for it (the head, not my mother-in-law), transported it home by car after securing it with a seatbelt, named it after a character in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and presumably did all the other things that people in “Weekend at Bernie’s” did with poor Bernie’s flaccid body. 

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