Mind-blowing pictures of creepy crawlies under electron microscope are like nothing you’ve seen before

Mind-blowing pictures of creepy crawlies under electron microscope are like nothing you've seen before

IF insects gross you out in real life you probably aren’t prepared for what they look like under an electron microscope.

Electron microscopes are used to closely examine the structures of small biological specimens and they can make the tiniest insects look like huge monsters.


Maggots aren't particularly pretty in real life but they're terrifying up close


Maggots aren’t particularly pretty in real life but they’re terrifying up closeCredit: Getty – Contributor

This image shows a maggot up so close you can see its mouthparts.

Maggots are fly larvae and are usually found on decaying matter.

You’re probably used to seeing them look like tiny white worms and not beasts with mouths.

They live for a few days in this state before turning into flies.


This is a ladybug up close


This is a ladybug up closeCredit: Alamy

This ladybug doesn’t look as friendly as the insects usually do.

That’s because the electron microscope gives us a good view of their sharp mouths, designed for chewing on soft-bodied insects.

They can bite humans but won’t break your skin.

A ladybug bite would feel like a pinch at most and they can also pinch you with their legs.

Bed bug

This is part of a female bed bug


This is part of a female bed bugCredit: Alamy

Bed bugs aren’t usually visible to the naked eye but this is a close up.

This microscopic image shows the area on a female bed bug called the spermaledge.

It’s a special organ that female bed bug’s evolved to lessen the impact of traumatic bed bug sex.

Carpenter bee

This is a bee's hair


This is a bee’s hairCredit: Getty

You may think this looks like a forest but it’s actually an electron microscope image of the hairs on a bee’s head.

The hairs belong to a carpenter bee.

The creatures are fairly creepy in real life and are known for having smooth shiny bodies and a bit of hair.

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