How To Check If Your Hotel Room Has Bed Bugs

How To Check If Your Hotel Room Has Bed Bugs

Bed bugs and the itchy, red bites they impose are definitely not souvenirs you want to bring home after vacation. But, unfortunately, these hardy, fast-multiplying critters can hitchhike into hotels—and not just the cheap, roadside lodges, but luxury hotels and resorts, too. If you stay in a room that’s got them, the bug can also catch a ride home with you in your suitcase, invading your space, and causing a costly and stubborn infestation.

“Bed bugs are a primarily hitchhiking insect as opposed to a foraging one, meaning that they get carried around on people’s clothes and belongings,” says Christian Tweed, a service manager at Killingsworth Environmental, a North Carolina-based pest control service. “Someone with an active infestation in their home can easily bring bed bugs to their hotel, but bed bugs can also be picked up during travel—on airplanes, taxis and rideshare services—and brought to a hotel room.”

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