«Found during some work, they work»

«Found during some work, they work»


«Do you know what they are? Write it in the comments, let’s see who guesses.”

Piera Maggio, mother of Denise Pipitone, the little girl who disappeared in Mazara del Vallo in 2004, publishes on social media a photo of two “bugs”, two bugs, found in the house where she lives with Piero Pulizzi, the child’s father, and discovered during some maintenance works.

«They were functioning correctly because they were connected to the electricity grid – writes Maggio – now we will ask the authorities if they are state assets or private ones. Obviously, we don’t know if there are others and, to tell the truth, we never had this curiosity because we had nothing to hide .”

Piera Maggio never stopped looking for the little girl, who disappeared at the age of 4 while she was in the company of her maternal grandmother.

And in the post on social media he asks: “If they are state equipment, do you think we should now ask for compensation for 20 years of appropriation of our electricity grid?”. Piera Maggio informed her lawyer, Giacomo Frazzitta, of the discovery.


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