Flight attendant claims hotels ‘never wash’ key item of bedding – bedbug warning | Travel News | Travel

Flight attendant claims hotels 'never wash' key item of bedding - bedbug warning | Travel News | Travel


Kat Kamalani is a former flight attendant with six years of experience working for a US airline, which means she has checked into plenty of hotels over the years. She explained that there are some things she did “every single time” she checked into a new hotel and that other guests “should be doing” them too.

While bedbugs might be the last thing you expect to encounter while on holiday, the reality is that oftentimes travel is one of the easiest ways for these critters to spread.

In some hotels, certain parts of the room can also be laden with germs. Although most hotels have drastically ramped up, according to research by Merlin Environmental: “Probably the biggest culprit for spreading bed bugs is the hospitality industry.

“Hotels and guest houses are effectively human conveyor belt buffets for bed bugs, with each hotel bed, in many cases, hosting a different human each night or two, particularly during the peak holiday season.”

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“That’s why we recommend holidaymakers check out their mattress before they climb between the sheets for the first time in a new bed.”

This concludes checking for spots of blood which are often a rust colour, as well as keeping an eye out for any eggs.

“The eggs are tiny and can be found in numerous places, not just on the mattress,” said the MattressNextDay expert.

“They are about 1mm wide and are often a pale yellow colour.” Other signs of bedbugs include a musty odour, bug shells, worn or aged upholstery and white spots on furniture.

Kat also urges passengers to think about the germs they may have encountered while travelling. “Never put your bag on the bed,” she added. “It’s been through the airport and it is disgusting.”

In the comments section, travellers have shared their experiences with bedbugs while travelling. One commenter posting under the name armyDubs said: “I travel for business every week. I’ve had bed bugs twice over five years.

“Since the second time I check every time, found ‘residue’ once and switched rooms.” Kendra added: “They are very scary. I had one crawling on the sheet right in my face once and I literally never burst into tears so fast.”

However, hotel workers have also responded to the claims. Alejandra said: “Ok so working in the hotel industry for 10 years and being in different properties, yes we change and wash the linen. And that means all linen and tops.” [SIC]

Zee added: “My mom works at a hotel and they wash the decorative blankets and pillowcases. It kinda depends what hotel you go [to].” [SIC]


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