Female police officer, 22, dies on holiday in Kavos after fall

Female police officer, 22, dies on holiday in Kavos after fall


A 22-year-old female police officer from the UK has died on the Greek island of Corfu, authorities have confirmed.

The unnamed officer, who was a serving member of Surrey Police, died while staying in Kavos. The 22-year-old was on holiday with friends when she was found with a head injury near a road by a member of the public in the early hours of Friday.

A probe has been launched into the woman’s death, with police having ruled out any criminal involvement, reports The Mirror. According to Greek reports, she died after a fall resulting in a catastrophic head injury.

Local media reports that the police officer had been with a group of friends she had travelled with, with efforts underway to speak to friends and establish what happened. Greek City Times reports Corfu police cordoned off the street, with the woman’s body later examined by a local medical examiner.

CCTV in the resort was also being examined. Detectives said the woman was found unconscious “near a bar in Kavos”. The medical examiner later arrived on scene, with the island’s Security Sub-division Echelon, as well as its Criminal Investigation Department, now investigating the case.

Surrey Police confirmed in a brief statement on Saturday that an employee had died. A spokesperson for the force said: “Yesterday we were sadly made aware of the sudden death of a serving officer whilst they were on holiday in Corfu, Greece.

“We are working to support both their family and their colleagues here during this extremely difficult time. An investigation into the circumstances of the death is being led by the Greek authorities and we await further updates from them as they conduct their enquiries.”


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