Councillor John Hood calls for action to tackle high number of pest control callouts

Councillor John Hood calls for action to tackle high number of pest control callouts


PEST control staff were called to around 17 cases of rat infestation per week in Renfrewshire last year, new figures show.

Johnstone, Paisley and Bishopton made up the top 10 areas for rat problems in 2021, as staff were called out nearly 900 times to deal with vermin.

Residents in Johnstone’s Maple Drive, Greenend Avenue, Dimity Street, Macdowall Street and Floorsburn Crescent all had to deal with multiple rat issues, with more than 60 visits recorded.

Maple Drive was the worst street in Renfrewshire for all pest control callouts in 2021, with 10 of the 22 visits to the ‘hotspot’ taking place on May 24 and all relating to rats.

Councillor John Hood, who represents Johnstone, said: “Greenend Avenue is beside a number of old school sites and I’ve been getting complaints about rats in nearby streets such as Craigview Avenue, Duncraig Crescent and Craigenfeoch Avenue.

“There are also empty buildings in Maple Drive and I believe rats were coming up through the toilets. It was an absolute nightmare.

“I’d like to see these hotspots given a massive clean out and then kept clean.”

The data, released following a Freedom of Information request, shows that pest control staff in Renfrewshire had to deal with well over 1,300 callouts during 2021, as of December 10, with rats by far the most common problem.

There were more than 260 calls from properties where wasp-related problems were making life a misery.

The council’s pest control team can deal with the likes of ants, beetles, bedbugs, fleas and cockroaches, alongside rodents and wasps.

People are able to report pests online using a form on the council’s website.

The new figures only include visits made by council staff and do not take into account those made by private operators.

Stock Street, in Paisley, was the worst street in Renfrewshire for rat-related callouts in 2021, with Douglas Street, Tannahill Road, George Street and Greenock Road included in the top 10.

Bishopton’s Greenock Road also had 11 pest control callouts in 2021, six of which were rat-related.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “Where complaints are made regarding pests and rodents, the area is visited as soon as possible and an appropriate course of treatment is undertaken by a pest control officer to deal with the situation.

“If any resident has concerns with vermin in their property or area they should contact the council’s pest control service on 0300 300 0380, who will arrange to visit.

“Residents can play their part too. We would ask everyone ensures waste is disposed of correctly using all the bins available and food waste is not left lying, as this brings the potential for vermin.”


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