Companies Most and Least impacted by Covid-19 Report 2021 – The Courier

Companies Most and Least impacted by Covid-19 Report 2021 – The Courier

Who hasn’t experience the gross infestation of rodents and roaches? Be honest. We all have experienced the 3 am dinner parties of the roaches in our kitchens. We have seen our grandma and mom getting annoyed by the spoiled food now and then. We have heard gross stories about bedbugs and termites from our friends and neighbors. These pests are a serious threat to all living things including humans, animals, and plants. Mosquitos, flies, fungus, termites, and cockroaches can infest our lives and environment with potential germs or viruses.

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By maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene, these pests can be controlled to some extent. Encouraging daily habits of disposing the garbage in the bin, keeping tables, cupboards, floor, and other household spaces clean are definitely the first steps toward a pest-free environment. There are many methods to control the spread of these unwanted guests and bring back healthy atmosphere.

However, first, we should identify the type of pest that we’re dealing with before making a strategy to destroy the annoying pests. By knowing your enemy, you can opt for the right method and eliminate them easily and entirely. In case you’re not sure about the type of the pest, you can always contact a pest control company.

The most effective pest control methods are mentioned below:

Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pesticides are used widely in offices, residences, farms, and stores. However, such pesticides are perilous in nature, and infect air, soil, food, and water. Pesticides are harmful for the people who are using them and even the living organisms nearby. These chemicals are found in solid, liquid and aerosol form. Pesticides can kill pests by entering through their mouths, breath, and skin.

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While using a spray by yourself, taking safety precautions is necessary. Also, one must be careful while spraying and avoid infecting uncovered utensils, food, drinks, and other items lying around. Pest control services can help you if you’re afraid to proceed by yourself.

Organic Pest Control

Compared to chemical pesticides, organic or natural method of pest control is safer to use. People who have kids, pets, or plants, they often prefer this method. Organic method uses various traps, poisoned baits, or spray.

Biological Pest Control

In the biological pest control method, living organisms are used for controlling the pest population. The biological pest control or bio effector is chemical-free and tremendously advantageous.

Primarily used in greenhouses, this technique can be a good option for outdoors firming too. In this method, natural enemies of the pest such as parasites, predators, and pathogens are introduced. These predators then geographically impede with their ability to breed and infect the pests with fatal bacterial diseases. Some of these helpful insects feed on larvae of pests decreasing their further chances of growth. This method promises the safety for your plants and natural wildlife as compared to the harmful chemical pesticides.

Electronic Pest Control

The advances of technology have crossed all its limits since it has invented the method for picking up home pests and removing them permanently. Electromagnetic and ultrasonic are the electronic methods of pest control.

  1. Electromagnetic method affects the nervous system of various harmful species such as mice and rodents.
  2. Ultrasonic method works by producing high-frequency, short-length sounds waves.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Pest Control Market

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the global pest control market drastically. The pandemic and the lockdown caused severe disruption on the manufacturing of pesticides and their supply chains across the globe. However, during the post lockdown period, the increasing demand for pest control services majorly from commercial and residential sectors is estimated to fuel the market growth in the pandemic time. Further, the leading players of the market are continuously innovating various strategies such as research and development, and acquisitions and partnerships to sustain their growth in the global market. For instance, in July 2020, Rollins, Inc., a leading provider of pest control services, acquired Adams Pest Control Pty Ltd, an established pest control provider in Australia. Through this acquisition, Rollins, Inc., aimed to expand its portfolio across the Australia and is expected to increase company’s product demand in this country.

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