Chinatown hotel refutes tourist’s bed bugs claim, says it was ‘most likely an ant’, Singapore News

Chinatown hotel refutes tourist's bed bugs claim, says it was 'most likely an ant', Singapore News

There is no bed bug infestation at ST Signature Chinatown, the hotel chain told AsiaOne on Tuesday (Dec 5).

ST Signature said that their pest control team examined the video and concluded that the insect is “likely an ant”.

“ST Signature adhere to strict standard operating procedures in identifying, reporting, and addressing bedbug issues, and we also conduct regular pest control services to prevent any potential issues,” they said. “Our housekeeping staff is trained to identify and report sightings of pest, especially bed bugs.

“We had no confirmed incidents of bed bug activities at ST Signature Chinatown and surely do not have an infestation at the property as the guest imply.”

A tourist took several drastic measures after discovering bed bugs at a hotel in Chinatown.

Taking to TikTok on Nov 28, user Olivia said that a traveller’s “worst nightmare” happened during her recent trip to Singapore.

She had booked a room at ST Signature Chinatown along South Bridge Road.

“I went out for a few hours, came back and noticed something moving from the corner of my eye,” Olivia said. “I was hoping it was just an ant. I took a few photos and sent them to friendsIt was definitely bed bugs.

“After 10 hours of travelling, this was not something I wanted to deal with.”

In the 53-second video, Olivia showed how she washed her clothes in a laundromat to kill the bed bugs.


Found bed bugs in a private room in a hostel in Singapore’s chinatown area. If you travelling to Sinapore, leave your bags outside of your hotel/hostel/airbnb and do a thorough check of the mattress and furniture before unpacking. If you suspect it, just leave. It’s not worth the trouble and potentially spreading it. I was able to get a full refund from my accommodations but they gave me no details on if and how they were dealing with the issue. #bedbugs #bedbugsinhotel #singapore #travelnightmare #bedbuginfestation

♬ original sound – Olivia

The tourist also did three “crazy” bag checks, but she added that she ended up throwing “a lot of her stuff” including a pair of sneakers.

Olivia also spent her last night in Singapore sleeping at Changi Airport.

“I had nowhere else to go,” she said.

Olivia’s video has since garnered over 80,000 views.

Several netizens expressed their concerns about Olivia’s experience.

“Oh no, that’s stressful. I hope you are okay,” one of them said, while another advised the tourist to seek a refund from the hotel.

ST Signature had previously faced bed bug complaints last June, when two Malaysian guests were bitten at its Jalan Besar branch. 

Bed bug infestations are surging in countries such as France, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Their bites can cause itching, and in some cases, an allergic reaction.

To avoid bringing home these blood-sucking insects, travellers should inspect hotel beds for any signs of bed bugs. Red flags include tiny brown specks of bed bug excrement that are usually found in mattress seams, sheets and bed frames.

Travellers should also keep their luggage on racks rather than placing them on the bed or floor.

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