Bed bugs becoming more common in homes this summer, Arkansans say

Bed bugs becoming more common in homes this summer, Arkansans say


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — This summer, people have been searching for bed bug bites just as often as they do for tick bites, according to Google Trends.

And it’s for a reason, as Arkansans are seeing more problems with the pest.

Command Pest Control said they had quadrupled their calls regarding bed bugs compared to last year.

The exterminators see many bed bugs along the crevices in the walls or lying low in bed sheets.

Bed bugs transfer mainly through travel, and after the pandemic, more people began staying in hotels again.

“You always want to inspect your travel gear,” said Dustin Zimmer with Command Pest Control. “If you go to motels or hotels, you will want to inspect the bed sheets while you’re there.”

Bed bugs bite and feed off the blood, but Entomologist Ben Thrash said you don’t have to worry about them spreading illnesses.

“That’s the best thing about bed bugs,” Thrash said. “You don’t have to worry about diseases, such as mosquitos and ticks, which carry a lot of diseases.”

To check for bed bugs, look at cushions and behind pillows. It’s also recommended to inspect the mattress and around the headboard.

Zimmer said bed bugs are usually visible behind chair cushions and around furniture arms and cracks.

To treat an infestation, items can be washed with hot water or sprayed with bed bug spray from a hardware store.

However, if those remedies aren’t effective, it’s recommended to call an exterminator.

The Arkansas Department of Health has more information on bed bugs and how to treat them here.


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