7 telltale signs of bed bugs in your home

A close up of bed bugs on a mattress

Pests can be a real nuisance, even in the most hygienic of homes. It seems, no matter the precautions we take, an unwelcome guest can slip by at one time or another, causing no end of trouble. Some are, no doubt, more serious than others. Roaches can carry and spread disease, while mice can do this as well as chew through items around the home. But, one pest which is amongst the worst to invade your home is bed bugs. 

While ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite’ is a sweet way to say goodnight, it stems from a real paranoia. Bed bugs are not easy to spot, and once they’re established, they’re incredibly difficult to remove — requiring you to vacate the property for fumigation in extreme circumstances. As well as knowing how to get rid of bed bugs, it’s useful to know what to look for in the first place, so you can act fast should you suspect bed bugs. That’s why we’ve covered 7 telltale signs of bed bugs.

1. Blood stains 

A close up of a bed bug on white fabric

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Bed bugs feed on the blood of animals as well as humans. They hide in all kinds of crevices near to where the host sleeps, be it wood, metal or soft furnishings. That means they’re not just confined to your bed — they could well be hiding several feet away, taking up residence next to your couch, if you often sleep here too. 

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