You have no right to brand us hooligans! – PML Daily

You have no right to brand us hooligans! – PML Daily

Members of the Poor Youths Movement after a meeting with Minister Anite (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA —Youths in Kamwokya have protested government’s labelling them as hooligans, saying they didn’t become so, out of free will.

Isa Kato, the national coordinator, Poor Youth Movement the poor youths you see here were created by the system which promised them better but offered close to nothing but pain and frustration.

“These [Poor Youths] are investors that we need to support and empower so that this country can move from poverty to mid income,” he added, adding that:

“One of the challenges is that our leaders have blocked their ears. They have created very many programs and platforms that are capturing only big investments. You can also see that minister for investment is as if you’re supposed to be the minister for foreigners”.

The State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization, Evelyn Anite Kajik who officiated at the Poor Youth Conference, said government will look into the issues affecting them.

Anite who pledged UGX 5m for single mothers SACCO said government has massive plans for the Ghetto, including ‘Emyooga’.

Meanwhile, she promised that government will fumigate bedbugs in Kamwokya after residents reported that the blood-sucking insects are terrorising them.

Bedbugs— whose scientific name is Cimex lectularius — feed on human blood and each one can bite up to 90 times in a single night, leaving sores similar to mosquito bites.

She accused Bobi Wine ignoring the Ghetto people, after the MP became rich.

“I spent the day in the Kamwokya “Ghetto” discussing with ghetto youths on how to improve their lives especially health conditions such as ending the problem of bedbugs etc. When Bobi Wine became rich he moved away from the Ghetto to a mansion in Magere. He is now in Koboko abusing me. I am in Kamwokya securing the future for the people,” Anite twittd after them meeting.


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