Working without PPE, sick leave is like ‘going in front of a firing squad’

Basically they were saying we know what we signed up for.

Plus, they said they would not compensate us for the test. I know it’s because if we got tested they wouldn’t have any staff to cover those who tested positive. We are already having staff shortages.

I can’t afford to miss work.

So trust and believe me, when I found out about COVID-19, I was like I pray I don’t get it because first of all, I can’t afford to miss work, and secondly, I don’t want to infect my family because everybody has underlying conditions like myself. I have anemia; my mom has leukemia and my stepfather was just diagnosed with cancer. My youngest daughter has lupus; the other daughter has sickle cell disease. I usually visit my mom every day, but she doesn’t want me to come now because she’s scared because I am exposed to so much.

… we had to use regular gowns sprayed down with Lysol.

We are considered to be essential workers, yet we on the front line can’t get the supplies we need. They didn’t have enough PPE gowns the other day, and we had to use regular gowns sprayed down with Lysol.

Illustration by Amber George for MLK50

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