Pest company stays busy throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pest company stays busy throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

WACO, TX — is staying busy during the Coronavirus Pandemic, making sure homes and commercial buildings are safe and pest free. They have stayed.

“Bed bugs, termites, small critters, skunks, exclusion work for rodents,” said Eric Benson, Branch Manager.

Their safety protocols have always been strict but with the pandemic, they added even more.

“We’ve added to it, we have masks, every property we go into we are wearing those also gloves and shoe covers.”

Branch Manager, Eric Benson, says they noticed an increase in calls with more families making changes to their home while being in quarantine.

“A lot of people are doing home improvements so they are noticing droppings or damage to something so they call us to check it out.”

With their job requiring them to visit the client, they are also taking additional safety measures with their vehicles.

“At least twice a day we are sanitizing and wiping down the vehicles and tools that we are using.”

Benson says they will continue taking as many precautions necessary to keep themselves and their customers safe.

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