Mum Threatens To ‘burn Flat Down’ After Horrifying Discovery In Kids’ Beds


A mum said she wanted to burn her flat down after she made a terrifying discovery in kids’ beds

The mother explained how her children had come up in spots one day that disappeared the next day.

But while she was checking their racing car beds she found a “teenie tiny bug”.

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She killed it, but then discovered more on the carpet underneath the bed.

She posted pictures of the bugs on Mumsnet, asking other parents if they were bedbugs.

“AIBU (Am I being unreasonable) to burn my flat down.

“Both kids come up on spots Monday. Assumed chicken pox, didn’t itch and redness went down the next day.

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“I wash all bedding etc the same day. Today I thought I would double check the beds. The kids have racing car beds that are low to the floor, slates are around 3 inches for the floor. Pulled the mattress up, saw one teenie tiny bug.. killed it.

“Then saw a couple on the carpet, under the slates. I placed a white baby wipe down and a couple travelled onto it.

“I’m assuming bed bugs, baby bed bugs in the pic… I’ve called for fumigation for Friday midday and the kids can sleep in with me tonight, I’ve attached a pic.

“They’re bedbugs aren’t they?”

Other users confirmed they were bed bugs, and issued the mum with advice on how to get rid of them.

One said: “We had BB once, it was horrendous! But we got rid of them. Council fumigation came but I think what really got rid of them was chucking out all the beds and bedding. Which was an expensive decision at the time.”

A second wrote: “I’d phone the council pest control, ours were brilliant when we had mice.”

And a third added: “We had an infestation a few years ago. Fumigators said they couldn’t guarantee they would get rid of them and they usually had to come back several times. So we tried doing it ourselves with various bombs, steamers etc and it took a long time but eventually got rid of them with Zero In spray after a friend advised us that is how they got rid of their infestation.

“My advise is remove and wash the curtains. If possible bag up everything in the room and put it outside and wash/spray/freeze/heat treat everything before bringing it back in. Get bed bug sheets for the mattresses. Spray bed throroughly or remove if there are any cracks you can’t get to.

“The tumble dryer will kill them, washing machine only will at 60 degrees. The freezer should kill them but items will need to be left for a few days. Spray the carpet, curtains, under furniture. Check cracks in wallpaper, check the backs of doors, under toy boxes etc, especially fabric boxes. If there is any spot they can hide in they will just come back. Spray weekly until they are gone. A high powered steamer can be used instead of or in addition to the spray but we found the spray more effective.”

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