Local Store Using Technology to Keep Customers Safe

Local Store Using Technology to Keep Customers Safe

HARRISBURG (WSIL) — A local resale shop is using technology to keep customers and staff safe.

Fran and Friends Resale Shop in Harrisburg, uses a “Zono” machine to sterilize merchandise before putting it out in the store.

The “Zono” uses ozone heat, humidity, and time to disinfect. Store Manager Lisa Knight said it’s a unique way to keep the store clean.

“I think the best thing about the machine is the safety, it’s a very easy machine to use, it’s safe, and it cleans everything so the cleanliness of the store is very very important. I think it takes a load off of everyone’s mind especially with covid being so prevalent in our area still. And it will kill covid. And all the other viruses, flu, colds, bedbugs, lice. It kills it all.” said Lisa Knight.

The “Zono” was purchased using a grant, and has been in operation about two months.

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