Enjoy the comforts of home, pest-free

Enjoy the comforts of home, pest-free

David Riches of Belding heard his wife’s displeasure upon discovering ants last spring and he knew he had to deal with the problem immediately.

Riches called SureShot Pest Control of Greenville, located at 500 S. Lafayette St. Paul Neal arrived at Riches home to perform an inspection to determine how bad the ant problem was and also figure out their points of entry. Something Neal had to consider when treating Riches residence was a koi pond feature in their yard. For homeowners who have other pets, Neal recommends keeping the pets away from treated areas until they have dried.

Riches has SureShot come to the house on a monthly basis from spring into late fall.

“The first time, it was ants,” Riches said. “If they see other activity of other creepy crawlers, they take care of them.”

For Riches, he estimates that his house is between 1,600 and 1,700 square feet and that it costs $45 each month for the peace of mind that his house is free of pests. He said that with each treatment, SureShot does a thorough inspection every time. Because Riches did not have any issues with hornets or wasps, Neal did not venture up to the attic.

Now that the white stuff has made an appearance and the mercury has dropped, other pests are squirming their way into homes. Neal said that the he commonly takes calls for both mice and fleas in the fall. He also gets calls about Asian lady beetles and stink bugs. Those insects are bothersome but not harmful whereas mice and fleas can inflict damage.

“Mice can squeeze their body through any gap or hole about the size of a dime,” Neal said. “It is really important to seal up any crack or crevices, any utility entrances and other areas where mice might find their way in. We usually recommend a product with steel wool to seal those holes up because mice will eat through spray foam.”

Another unseemly pest that likes to hunker down in the warmth of houses? Bed bugs. Neal said that SureShot offers bed bug heat remediation.

For more information about various pests and ways to manage them, Neal suggests contacting the National Pest Management Association, which SureShot is a member.


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