CrimeScene, 9.28 | Local News

CrimeScene, 9.28 | Local News

Among reports filed with police:

Fountain Lake Drive: A band of thieves sought the cover of darkness before dawn, prowling the apartment complex parking lot in search of other people’s stuff inside unlocked vehicles. But things did not go as planned. A resident happened to be awake, saw the whole thing and called the cops. Police caught a 20-year-old woman and a teenage trio in the act, sending the adult to jail for possession of tools for a crime, two counts of auto burglary and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Cleburne Street: Get this. A woman called the cops, all in a dither because her ex-boyfriend keeps on calling her and calling her. Going by the book, the officer suggested she block the ex’s number on her cellphone. Also, do not answer calls from strange numbers, the officer suggested. In the end, the woman “stated she did not want to block him.” The officer took a report.

115 Newman Drive: A thief hacked the catalytic converter off of the muffler of the work van at a surveillance security company. The metallic qualities needed for these exhaust doodads have a high value on the black market.

Marsh Landing Drive: A crook took off overnight in a man’s 2017 black Ford Expedition.

3945 U.S. Highway 341: A thief entered a storage lot and cut the catalytic converter off of the muffler system of a recreational vehicle.

Woodland Mobile Home Park: A woman came home late to find a Sanyo 42-inch flatscreen TV had gone missing.

1600 block of Reynolds Street: A brute roughed a man up and took $8 from him. They were no strangers. The victim told cops he met his assailant while both were locked up in the pokey.

400 block of Amherst Street: A woman called the cops after finding a man sprawled out on her front porch and snoozing away in the middle of the night. Responding cops discovered he was snockered and sleeping it off. Police were able to find out where the man actually lived and they took him there.

Glynn Ave.: Two women were raising cane with management at a local motel, claiming bedbugs in their room and demanding a refund on same. Police made a report.

Tara Lane and Habersham Street: A numbskull was driving around the Magnolia Park neighborhood when he thought it would be a hoot to shoot into the air with a handgun through the open car window during the dayshift. A concerned citizen called the cops on the reckless rascal. The cops caught up to him and discovered that he did indeed possess a handgun. He fessed up to “shooting in the air just for fun,” police report. Also, he was driving on a suspended license. Police cited him and allowed a licensed driver to take the vehicle home.

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